Actionable insights on your portfolio companies

VC firms use Sagacity to request, collect and analyze portco performance.
Free up your team's time and make more informed decisions.

Ready for better data on your portfolio companies?
Building a better feedback loop

Closing the gap on portco transparency

Your portfolio companies don't have time to provide all the data you need, and when they do, it's an email or a pdf that has to be distilled into actionable data.

We do the work for you by building simple work streams that can be used across your portfolio companies. You'll never go back to that custom spreadsheet again.‍

Track performance across your portfolio

Cash burn, MRR and burn multiple all in one place

Compare common metrics across your portfolio to understand where best to allocate capital

Custom metrics for each company

Build custom north star metrics to track what's most important and be on the same page with your founders

In context commentary

Comment on specific metrics, reports or trends on portfolio companies